Tragic 8 Ball – Magic 8 Ball App for Android

Tragic 8 Ball App for Android

Download The Tragic 8 Ball, the super fun Magic 8 Ball app from Google Play Store and impress your friends…well, really only your very easily impressed friends…like the ones that clap when an airplane lands.

magic 8 ball app
magic 8 ball app

One day in the winter of 2018 I got it in my head to develop an app. After brainstorming several ideas I decided on a Magic 8 Ball app that was very rude and dismissive. I didn’t let the small detail of not knowing how to create an app stop me and 6 months later I released this bad boy to critical acclaim. Acclaim from mostly my family and friends but still.

Use the Tragic 8 Ball (the internet’s greatest Magic 8 Ball App) to answer all of life’s important questions like “Will the Sun burn out in my lifetime?” or “Did the government implant a chip inside my head?” or the most asked question “Why has the light forsaken me and shall I allow the darkness to consume the world?” Haha! We don’t know what that last one is or why it’s asked so gosh darn much, but what the hey, right?

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