The Grudge Breakdown

the grudge

The Grudge Breakdown

The Grudge is about a creepy ghost lady that lives in the attic…and in your nightmares…she could also be in your closet. She’s behind me, isn’t she? This movie follows Karen Davis (Sarah Michelle Gellar), an American living in Japan and caring for an old woman. Karen then encounters Kayako the Grudge ghost. Or as I like to call her: Nightmare Fuel.

“(horrific other-worldly clicks and guttural subhuman moans)”

– Kayako just being the most horrifying creature to ever crab walk across the face of the Earth

The Grudge is a remake of a Japanese horror film and is about to be rebooted again because the producers realized that people still had pants that needed pooping in.

Watch my breakdown on this classic movie down below

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