The Dark Crystal Breakdown | Age of Resistance Sequel

The Dark Crystal is the Fantasy Adventure movie from Jim Henson and Frank Oz. The Dark Crystal follows Jen the Gelfling on his quest to replace the missing shard and restore the shard to its rightful place in order to save Thra.

“Trial by stone!”

-Chamberlain shrieking in just a horrible, horrible manner

The Skeksis and the Mystics are the 2 main races on Thra even though their population equals 20. Jen is joined on his quest by Kira and they are the last 2 known gelflings left on Thra. A lot of people are split on this movie and I think it just depends on how old you were when you first saw it. This movie still looks fantastic to this day. Be sure to check out the prequel Age of Resistance on Netflix

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