Robocop 3 Breakdown

Robocop 3

Robocop 3 is the thrilling Peter Weller – less conclusion to the Robocop saga. This time around the titular robotic policeman is played by Robert John Burke. Yes, THE Robert John Burke. OCP is still trying to develop Delta City. Rehabs led by Paul McDaggett are forcibly evicting people from their homes.

“My friends call me Murphy…you call me Robocop

-Robocop echoing a quote from a better movie

Bertha (CCH Pounder) is the leader of a resistance movement with the help of a computer prodigy named Nikko (Remy Ryan). And there are also just a crap ton of people that were on Seinfeld at one point or another. Stephen Root, Stanley Anderson, Daniel Von Bargen just to name a few. Robocop 3 also completely forgets about any themes and story lines from the first 2 movies so…there’s that.

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