Hook Breakdown

Hook Breakdown

Hook tells the story of a grown up Peter Pan (Robin Williams) who is now a big shot corporate lawyer that goes by the name Peter Panning…What’s that? His name is Peter Banning?! Are you sure?

Oh man I’ve been saying it wrong all these years and oh my god! I just remembered in 4th grade going on and on to Laura Springer about how clever it was that his last name was Panning. She must’ve thought I was an idiot! But honestly, doesn’t Peter Panning┬ámake more sense? Ya know, because he’s Peter Pan. No? Welp, I’m gonna relive that 30 year old memory for the rest of my life.

“Hemorrhoidal suck navel”

– Rufio saying bad words for what seems like the very first time

Hook is a staple of any child of the 90’s and it’s still just as amazing today as it was in 1991. I mean it does have some issues if we’re being totally honest but what movie doesn’t have issues, amiright?

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