Cobra Breakdown

Cobra Breakdown

Cobra is a delightfully 80’s movie in nearly every aspect. Marion “Cobra” Cobretti is a tough as nails bad ass who doesn’t play by your fucking rules…or any rules really because Cobra does his own thang. I mean, technically, he should be following <em>some</em> rules because this is his job. I feel like I’m overthinking this.

You won’t shoot. Murder is against the law. You have to take me in. Even I have rights.”

– The Night Slasher showing that he has done zero research on Cobra

Cobra is a classic example of a movie studio sabotaging their own movie and creating an incomprehensible mess. They cut over a half hour of footage in order to have more screenings and thus make more money but in the process they made the movie not make any damn sense. The footage they cut also saved the movie from having an X rating. X!? The edited footage apparently shows graphic murders, extreme violence and a 5 minute lingering shot of Stallone’s dong.

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