Above the Law Breakdown

Above the Law Breakdown

Above the Law is Steven Seagal‘s first movie that he also co-wrote and produced and…it really shows. Seagal plays Nico Toscani, a martial arts master/CIA operative/Chicago police officer/hair gel fanatic who has to try to stop an international drug ring.

“You guys aren’t soldiers. You’re f***ing barbarians!”

-Nico Toscani quoting Steven Seagal

You can tell that this movie definitely is supposed to be perceived as autobiographical. I mean, you can just tell that Seagal thinks most of this stuff actually happened to him. I don’t know the accuracy of the rest of the movie but Seagal definitely walked from the jungles of Cambodia to the suburbs of Chicago at some point in his life. He also married Sharon Stone, broke up the largest drug smuggling operation in history and runs very weird.

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