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home alone 2: lost in new york

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Breakdown

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Breakdown Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is basically the exact same ...
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The Monster Squad Breakdown

The Monster Squad - "Wolfman's got nards!" The Monster Squad is the classic 80's movie about a group of kids ...
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urban legend movie

Urban Legend Movie | Distracted Nerd Breaks Down

Urban Legend Breakdown The Urban Legend movie is the "classic film" about a serial killer that models their murders around ...
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Kazaam Breakdown

Kazaam is the classic 90s movie about a rapping genie who befriends a young boy (Francis Capra), grants wishes and ...
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the next karate kid

The Next Karate Kid Breakdown

The Next Karate Kid is amazing because it makes you miss Terry Silver and Mike Barnes. This movie follows Mr ...
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the dark crystal

The Dark Crystal Breakdown | Age of Resistance Sequel

The Dark Crystal is the Fantasy Adventure movie from Jim Henson and Frank Oz. The Dark Crystal follows Jen the ...
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d3 the mighty ducks 3

The Mighty Ducks 3 Breakdown

The Mighty Ducks 3 shows what happens when you make kids believe in themselves: they just never stop believing even ...
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child's play 3

Child’s Play 3 Breakdown

Child's Play 3 again follows serial killer Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky…Lee Ray as he tries to take over a ...
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above the law

Above the Law Breakdown

Above the Law Breakdown Above the Law is Steven Seagal's first movie that he also co-wrote and produced and…it really ...
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robocop 3

Robocop 3 Breakdown

Robocop 3 Robocop 3 is the thrilling Peter Weller - less conclusion to the Robocop saga. This time around the ...
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