Top 25 Scariest Movie Scenes

5. Pet Sematary – Zelda

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Pet Sematary is another movie that wasn’t as good as it should have been but it did give us the horrifying Zelda. Zelda is not a ghost, monster, villain or even a bad person. Zelda is the sister of Rachel Creed, who died years earlier from spinal meningitis. We should all be sensitive to anyone that is inflicted with this terrible disease but holy shit, Zelda is creepy as f***. Zelda is played by…Andrew Hubatsek? That was a guy?! Oh, man. Give me a minute to process this.

4. The Shining – The Grady Girls

Warner Bros.

You can’t have a list about scariest movie scenes without including these creepy little shits. The Grady girls were the daughters of the former caretaker of the Overlook who violently murdered his whole family. So granted these are innocent children whose lives were brutally stolen from them by someone they loved and trusted…but they can just go right back to hell where they belong. Hotels are bad enough without having to worry about running into devil children, thank you very much.

3. The Ring – Samara TV


The Ring is the best horror movie about an evil water goblin that chooses it’s victims with the aid of hilariously outdated technology. Upon watching a haunted video tape, you will receive a phone call on a landline with the voice on the other end whispering “7 days”. Then once the 7 days are up, Samara will crawl out of a tube television and basically just distort your face to death. It’s honestly way more frightening than I described it.

2. IT – Georgie

Warner Bros.

Just like Jaws made people afraid to go in the ocean, IT…well I think people were already terrified of clowns by this point. Still, I don’t think there will ever be a clown as horrifying as Pennywise. Now I know that a parent can’t warn their children of every scenario possible when it comes to Stranger Danger but come on Georgie, have some sense of self preservation. To this day, when I watch this scene I still scream at Georgie to run, and sadly, he never does.

1. The Grudge – Attic

Columbia Pictures

As I have said before: I am afraid of Japanese Rage Demons. (sigh) It feels so good to finally get that off my chest. Honestly, any scene with The Grudge ghost could be deemed one of the scariest movie scenes but the very first one has made me avoid slowly sticking my head into a dark attic. If I am going up there then my head is going to be darting back and forth constantly while I just kind of whimper, race back down the ladder and tell my wife that the Halloween decorations are not up there and then offer to go to the store to buy new ones.

I hope you enjoyed this list. What are some of the scenes that made you vomit from shear terror? Let me know in the comments below.

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