Top 25 Scariest Movie Scenes

10. The Blair Witch Project – Final Scene

Artisan Entertainment

The Blair Witch Project is probably one of the more polarizing films on this list. If I remember correctly, people loved this movie when it first came out but then over time, ripping on it became the cool thing to do. I still love this movie and I think that this is the best way that it could’ve ended. I am in the “Don’t need to see the Blair Witch” camp and I am a fan of the ambiguity. She could have been killed by the actual Blair Witch, insane townsfolk or even Josh himself.

9. Babadook – News Report

IFC Films

I don’t know if there is a creepier smile in a movie. The Babadook does a great job of setting up such an unnerving atmosphere. Up to this point in the movie the mother has already been starting to lose it. Late at night she’s watching a news report about a mother who murdered her son and then murdered herself all while her own son is lying on the couch next to her. In the background of the news report, she sees herself smiling at the camera.

8. It Follows – Beach

Northern Lights Films

It Follows is about a sexually transmitted demon that once it’s passed to you, it will follow you until it murders you or you pass it on to someone else. This thing never moves faster than a leisurely walk and it can assume different forms. You can easily outrun this thing but what exactly are its limitations? Can it swim? It definitely has to interact with the world in order to get around ie; breaking windows if the door is locked. What if you ran into a hedge maze? Could it get lost in there?

7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Leatherface Introduction

New Line Cinema

Everything about this scene royally messed with my 10 year old brain. Why the hell was I watching this movie when I was 10? Because video rental places were not well regulated in the early 90’s. In this scene Kirk and Pam go off to find a local swimming-hole but instead Kirk decides to wander through this creepy farm house for reasons that only make sense to horror movie victims. The suddenness with which Leatherface appears and the brutal way he dispatches Kirk makes this one of the best.

6. The Conjuring – Hide and Clap

New Line Cinema

The Conjuring did a great job of using an earlier scare to perfectly set up this scare. Earlier in the movie, Carolyn and her youngest daughter April, are home alone playing a game called Hide and Clap. Which is kind of like Marco Polo…but with way more clapping. During the game a pair of arms emerge from a wardrobe and lure the blindfolded Carolyn, who thinks that it’s her daughter. The scene ends without incident, so when the payoff finally comes later in the basement, you will be screaming and carrying on and you will bring great shame to yourself.

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