Top 25 Scariest Movie Scenes

15. Dead Silence – Funeral Home

scariest movie scenes funeralhomefinal
Universal Pictures

Dead Silence, if we are all being honest with ourselves, is a pretty dumb movie with one of the most asinine endings I have ever seen. Despite all of that, I will say that Mary Shaw is stupid f***ing scary. The movie shows that when Mary Shaw died, her dying wish was to basically be turned into a ventriloquist dummy. Since ventriloquist dummies themselves are unnatural and inherently evil, it makes for quite a disturbing site.

14. Mulholland Dr. – Winkie’s


Mulholland Dr. just feels…off. That’s the best description I can give of David Lynch’s masterpiece of a film. Their is an undercurrent of dread and unease all throughout this movie but this scene in particular truly encapsulates that. In the scene, Dan is recounting a recurring nightmare that he’s had in that particular diner. In the dream, he is terrified of a man who is out back of the diner. In order to face his fears, he walks agonizingly slow toward the back of the diner until suddenly the man appears and Dan has a heart attack and dies.

13. The Descent – Night Vision

scariest movie scenes nightvisionfinal
Celador Films

The Descent is about a group of friends who go cave diving in an uncharted cave. Naturally, they get hopelessly lost because…well, it’s a damn cave. This movie could have been frightening enough just being about these women lost beneath the earth but then they find that there is a race of subterranean cannibal creatures living down there. The Descent derives the majority of it’s scares on the immense feeling of claustrophobia but tack on some C.H.U.D.’s and you’ve got one hell of a good movie.

12. Exorcist 3 – Hallway Attack

scariest movie scenes exorcist3hallwayfinal
20th Century Fox

Exorcist 3 is the third movie in the Exorcist franchise and has very little to do with any of the rest. It’s just an alright movie, but the hallway scene is so perfectly shot that it’s a shame the rest of the movie didn’t measure up. There is a long buildup to this scene (4 minutes) and you just keep watching and waiting for something to happen. There are even two security guards and a Dr. in one of the rooms so you start to think that nothing can possibly happen to this poor nurse.

11. Halloween – Doorway Reveal

Compass International Pictures

One thing that has always made Michael Myers truly frightening is that the man is not afraid to hide and watch you silently. This has always been one of my favorite scenes because while Laurie is losing her shit, Michael just slowly materializes in the darkened doorway. A lot of scenes in this movie are from Michael Myers’ perspective so we know where he is and who he’s watching but it makes this scene so much better to have absolutely no idea that he’s even there.

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