Top 25 Scariest Movie Scenes

20. The Lord of the Rings – Bilbo

Lord of the Rings Scariest movie scenes bilbofinal
New Line Cinema

The Lord of the Rings is a sweeping fantasy epic about loyalty and friendship and the ultimate battle between good and evil. That’s why it comes as such a shock when a simple scene between two Hobbits scares the ever living bejeezus out of you. It takes an innocent scene about a young man getting dressed in front of his uncle and then his uncle turns into a monst–actually, as I wrote that I realized that things could’ve taken a much more traumatic turn for young Frodo.

19. Alien – Dallas’ Death

scariest movie scenes alien dallasfinal
20th Century Fox

In space, no one can hear you scream…but they can definitely tell that you pooped yourself. The Alien franchise has since evolved into more action oriented type movies but the original was a straight up horror classic. Isolated in space and millions of miles from home all while being stalked by one of the most awesome movie aliens of all time makes for a pretty intense film. One of the best scenes revolves around Dallas (Tom Skerritt) crawling around the air ducts in an attempt to flush the Alien towards the air lock. It does not end well.

18. The Evil Dead – We’re Gonna Get You

scariest movie scenes gonnagetyoufinal
Renaissance Pictures

Depending on who you ask, The Evil Dead is either a cinematic masterpiece or a cheaply made piece of shit. While it is cheaply made, you can’t deny that the Evil Dead is a stupid, fun horror movie. The scene that always weirded me out was a possessed Linda chanting in a little girl voice and taunting Ash. It’s creepy and unsettling and the low budget adds a certain level of grittiness to the scene that makes it all the more effective.

17. Seven – Sloth

scariest movie scenes seven-slothfinal
New Line Cinema

Seven is an absolutely amazing movie. The cast is great, the direction is great and it has an excellent antagonist in John Doe. I definitely don’t conisder it to be a scary movie but the scene in Sloth’s apartment skews more in that direction. We learn that “Sloth” was a know pedophile that John Doe kept strapped to a bed and barely kept alive for a year. I don’t know anything about Biology but that evidently turns you into some sort of Feral Ghoul.

16. Saw – Pig in Closet

scariest movie scenes pigfinal
Lions Gate Films

The Saw movies are a jumbled mess of inconsistencies, glaring plot holes and nonlinear storytelling and…where was I going with this? During one of these trips down the rabbit hole, Adam (Leigh Whannell) recounts how he was abducted by Jigsaw. He awakens in his apartment and notices that the power is out. Instead of getting a flashlight, he uses the flash from his camera to illuminate his apartment, which you should know is the scariest way imaginable to light up a darkened room. Well, it’s a toss up between that and a strobe light.

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