Top 25 Scariest Movie Scenes


With Halloween right around the corner, what better time to showcase movie scenes that turn us into sniveling heaps on the floor. When you think of the scariest movie scenes ever, some of you will probably say the centipede from Human Centipede. You are wrong because that isn’t scary so much as it’s flipping disgusting. Fear is subjective and what scares one person might make another person roll their eyes. What we fear is largely based on our own experiences. For instance, I’m afraid of little girl ghosts because….they’re scary as shit. Do I need another reason?

25. Grave Encounters 2 – Kaitlin

scariest movie scenes littlekaitlinfinal
Death Awaits Cinema

Can we all just agree that little girl ghosts are the most terrifying thing on the planet? Everything about this scene is terrifying, from the music box playing to Kaitlin asking “Do you want to play a game with me?” The crappy CGI at the end is unnecessary because that little girl is pants shittingly frightening just sitting there brushing her hair. Grave Encounters 2 was nowhere near as good as the original but this scene alone more than makes up for it.

24. Sleepaway Camp – Final Reveal

scariest movie scenes sleepaway-campfinal
American Eagle

The ending to Sleepaway Camp is…different to say the least. After a number of murders at camp it is finally revealed that Angela was the killer. Then it’s revealed that “Angela” is actually Peter who was believed to have died in a boating accident years earlier. Angela was actually the one who died but Angela and Peter’s aunt decided to raise Peter as his dead sister, Angela. Clear as mud. This scene is just all kinds of messed up especially when you add in Angela’s creepy ass face and weird as shit wheezing. Good God, this movie is f***ed up.

23. Sinister – Bughuul in the Pool

scariest movie scenes sinsister_poolfinal
Blumhouse Productions

Sinister, more often than not, just tries to rely too heavily on cheap jump scares (his son falling out of a box comes to mind) but the home movie scenes are all very effective. Ethan Hawke is watching old Super 8 movies that he found in the attic of his new home and each one is more messed up than the last. The home movie that creeped me out the most was “Pool Party”. It shows a daytime scene of a family enjoying a day at the pool and then cuts to a nighttime scene where the family members are pulled into the pool strapped to deck chairs. The only audio in the scene is some faint ethereal music and then you realize that Bhuguul is at the bottom of the pool slowly turning toward you.

22. Jaws – Ben Gardner

scariest movie scenes gardnerfinal
Universal Pictures

This one doesn’t have the same effect now that I’m older and I know that it’s coming. However it’s still an awesome scene because the entire time your just waiting for Jaws to show up and instead we get the lifeless body of Ben Gardner. Not only that but it’s accompanied by…some kind of horrible banshee shriek that ramps the “poop yourself” dial up to 11. Just try not to think too hard about exactly how Ben Gardner died. I mean, how exactly was Jaws able to get to him?

21. The Others – I Am Your Daughter

scariest movie scenes the others iamyourdaughterfinal
Dimension Films

The Others is a movie set in 1945 about a mother and her two children and the mother’s dawning realization that her house might be haunted. This is another scene that doesn’t rely on a loud ass jump scare to creep you out. Nicole Kidman goes in to check on her daughter and you can just barely make out behind the daughter’s veil that something is not quite right. The Others is definitely one of the more tame movies on this list but it is still just a good old fashioned ghost story. Creepy little girl ghost + creepy old lady face = Nope.

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