The Grudge | Easily Distracted Movie Review

The Grudge Video Review The Grudge is about a creepy ghost lady that lives in the attic…and in your nightmares…she could also be in your closet. She’s behind me, isn’t she?

The Mighty Ducks tells the story of how Gordon Bombay took 20 years to get over a pretty insignificant moment that occurred when he was in 4th grade. And some kids learn the value of having adults care enough to pay for actual equipment. Does anything else happen? Nope, I think that’s everything. Mighty Ducks
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Hook is the Steven Spielberg movie that dared to ask the question: Hey, what if Peter Pan was a dick? Our movie follows Robin Williams as a grown up Peter Pan that must travel to Neverland to save his children. So, strap on your tights, crow at the sky and resent the hell out of
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