A Very Brady Christmas Breakdown

A Very Brady Christmas reunites the entire Brady Bunch except for Cindy. Even Jan showed up and no one really even asked her to.

Blair Witch is the thrilling conclusion to the Blair Witch saga even though it resolves absolutely nothing. Taking place almost 20 years after the original Blair Witch Project, Blair Witch finds Heather Donahue’s brother travelling into the Black Hills to search for his sister. It’s basically the same movie as the Blair Witch Project but
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Child’s Play tells the story of serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) transferring his soul into a Good Guy Doll and causing havoc in a little boys life. WISHMASTER BREAKDOWN FRIDAY THE 13th Part 2

Blair Witch 2 Book of Shadows Blair Witch 2: Electric Boogaloo Book of Shadows Blair Witch 2 is such a vast departure from The Blair Witch Project. The Blair Witch Project was new and exciting and very experimental. It was a labor of love that took over 2 years to fully realize. Book of Shadows
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The Blair Witch Project Blair Witch Project follows three documentary filmmakers who travel to the Black Hills of Burkittsville, Maryland to find the Blair Witch and get her to clean up all of the discarded toilets that are cluttering up her lawn. This was the independent movie from 1999 that became an international sensation. One
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Dante’s Peak follows Pierce Brosnan as Volcanologist Harry Dalton as he struggles to find evidence that Dante’s Peak is about to blow. When really the only evidence you would need is the fact that it’s a volcano.

Masters of the Universe 1987 Masters of the Universe is the classic movie from 1987 that is loosely based on the iconic cartoon and toy line. This movie is considered a cult classic because it’s so bad but it could’ve been a classic classic if the studio would’ve given it a budget that it deserved
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Wishmaster Review Wishmaster is the story of an evil Djinn that grants super ironic wishes to anyone unlucky enough to cross his path. If you liked this¬†Wishmaster Review then be sure to check out some of my other AAA content…or A content…solid C+ content. Friday the 13th Part 2 Review The Grudge Review

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