Timecop Review

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jaws 3

Commando Breakdown | Distracted Nerd

Commando follows John Matrix played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Matrix is a retired special forces operative that is thrown back into action when his former squad member kidnaps his daughter.

Commando is the epitome of 1980’s action movies. It features a jacked one man army, a ridiculous body count and explosions galore.

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the mighty ducks

Mighty Ducks Breakdown

The Mighty Ducks tells the story of how Gordon Bombay took 20 years to get over a pretty insignificant moment that occurred when he was in 4th grade. And some kids learn the value of having adults care enough to pay for actual equipment. Does anything else happen? Nope, I think that’s everything.

Mighty Ducks is a classic despite having no actual ducks anywhere in the movie.

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