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Wishmaster Review Wishmaster is the story of an evil Djinn that grants super ironic wishes to anyone unlucky enough to cross his path. If you liked this Wishmaster Review then be sure to check out some of my other AAA content…or A content…solid C+ content. Friday the 13th Part 2 Review The Grudge Review

Karate Kid Review The Karate Kid follows young Daniel LaRusso as he overcomes bullying by learning Karate and fixing Mr. Miyagi’s ramshackle home. Daniel takes on the ruthless bullies from the Cobra Kai dojo, most notably, resident dickhead Johnny Lawrence. If you liked this Karate Kid Review then be sure to check out some of
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D2 Mighty Ducks 2 Review D2 The Mighty Ducks 2: The Quackening takes place 1 year after the prequel The Mighty Ducks Zero. This movie franchise makes me irrationally angry and I realize that it’s not real but it’s my issue and I’m dealing with it. If you liked this Over the Top Review then be sure
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